Work-Study Video

► Are you a New Student to the Work-Study Program?

Watch the Video below for some quick tips. Many of the steps and forms can be completed online. Read more about Students and Work-Study and the Work-Study Basics.


► If you are a Continuing Work-Study Student who worked through the program last year or within the last three years without a break in employment, read the details below.

► If you already have a Work-Study job, get paid through Direct Deposit.
Sign up to receive your money directly to your bank account.




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Find your School's Financial Aid Office:

Work-Study Information and Tasks:

See the Required Forms:

Documents for I-9 Form:

Sign up for Direct Deposit:

Upload/submit forms electronically: 

(password: FWS#210kent)


Getting Paid through Direct Deposit

If you haven’t already, sign up for payroll direct deposit (not to be confused with SSOL refunds direct deposit). You will be able to do this only after you have been hired and approved in PeopleSoft, which is usually a week after your online job has been approved.

Sign up for Direct Deposit by following these steps:

  • Follow instructions.
  • Click on Columbia UNI to log in using your UNI and password.
  • Click on the Faculty & Staff tab at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the blue bar titled "Faculty & Staff Self Service" and click on "View Your Direct Deposit Information."
  • Simply click on the yellow "Add Account" box and you will then be able to add your bank information.


For Continuing Work-Study Students

If you worked through the Work-Study Program last year or within the last three years without a break in employment:

  • The only form you need to complete is the New York State Labor Law 195 form, which is available from your employer if you are working on campus and from the Work-Study Office if working off-campus.
  • Continuing students who worked last year will have the same tax status from the previous year.
    • If you would like to change your previous tax status, please complete a new W-4. Click on "Login Now" and then enter your UNI and password. Under "Self Service," click on "View Your Tax Information" and make the desired changes.
    • To change the information on the State/City tax form, complete a new State/City tax form.