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The Office of Student Financial Planning is pleased to provide the following financial aid information to students in the School of Professional Studies (SPS). Our office in 210 Kent Hall is the central contact for counseling SPS students on financial aid.

Students in SPS must meet graduate student eligibility requirements for financial aid.

Important Notice

If you plan to apply for federal financial aid and attend classes during the Summer 2020, Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semesters, please complete the 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.




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What is iGrad?

Student Financial Services and University Life partnered to provide students at Columbia University access to iGrad; a financial wellness resource that supports developing personal financial well-being. Through its’ web-based financial literacy platform, iGrad provides personalized financial education through a dynamic array of interactive tools and resources, such as video tutorials, live financial wellness webinars, quizzes, articles, and a crowdsourced knowledge base powered by a community of more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide.  Accepted students have unlimited access to this personalized financial education and wellness resource now and after graduation.  We encourage you to engage with this platform as you seek information that supports making well-informed financial decisions.


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Cost of Attendance 

The cost of attendance, also known as the "budget" or "COA," represents the student's maximum financial aid eligibility. The budget is determined by the school and consists of tuition and fees plus estimated living expenses.

In determining the budget, the school applies a conservative estimate of living expenses to all students. We recognize, however, that actual living expenses vary from person to person. If the student faces higher actual costs or has extenuating circumstances that warrant a higher cost of attendance, the student may request a budget increase.


MS Programs

All Masters Degree Programs except MS Information and Knowledge Strategy, MS Technology Management, and MS Strategic Communications


(Estimated costs based on a nine-month academic year.)    

Tuition* 2,428 per credit$58,272 (12 points per semester)
Food and Housing****$25,821
Books and Supplies$1,320

*Professional Studies tuition and fees are based on number of credits. Please estimate your planned course load to calculate total tuition. Registration for more than 18 points per semester could results in additional charges. Visit for more information.

**Includes health insurance fee, student activity fee, health services fee, and university facility fee. Also includes document fee - a one time fee charged in first semester of attendance and ISSO fee charged to international students only. Additional fees may apply. 

***Actual technology fee charged will vary based on whether student is taking classes in person or online. 

****Students enrolled below six credits in any semester will not be budgeted for living expenses, personal expenses, commuting expenses, and loan origination fees. 



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Student Loans


Federal Direct Loans

For general information, visit our Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans page.

Note: SPS Students enrolled in either a graduate degree program or a federally approved certificate program and meet the general eligibility criteria may be eligible to receive these loans. 

Aside from the FAFSA, the Office of Student Financial Planning requires the following documents:


Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans

For general information, visit our Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans page.

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Alternative Loan Programs (Additional Educational Loans)

Private Loans

For general information, visit our Private Loans page.

Please use the following school code for your private loan application: 002707-21.

If you apply for a private student loan, please also submit the 2020-2021 Planned Enrollment form to the Office of Student Financial Planning.



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Scholarships and Grants

Visit our Outside Awards page.

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