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Receiving a Refund

Refunds are generally processed automatically when a valid credit appears on the Student Account unless otherwise indicated. To check your student account balance:

  1. log into Student Services Online (SSOL),
  2. click on "Account Detail and E-Billing"
  3. "View Student Account Detail"
  • If there is a valid credit on the account that is not based on anticipated credits, the refund will generally be processed automatically unless otherwise indicated.
  • If the credit is based on anticipated credits for financial aid, scholarships, or the payment plan, a refund will not be processed until the funds have actually arrived and been posted to the student account.


Please note: you must choose to participate to receive automatic refunds. Default participation status depends on each student's school. To opt into or out of automatic refunds:

  1. select "Refunds" from the SSOL menu and follow the instructions.

General Studies and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students are not currently eligible for automatic refunds. These students should refer to the "Automatic Refund Options" page of SSOL.



The University's preferred method of refund distribution is through direct deposit.  Direct deposit is the fastest and most convenient way to receive a refund. Learn how to enroll.



If you have not signed up for direct deposit, paper refund checks will be sent to the your local address. To verify this address, log into SSOL and go to "Addresses."

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Refund Processing Schedule - Fall 2021


SchoolProcessing Date*
Architecture - AC8/30/2021
Arts - AR8/30/2021
Business - BU8/11/2021
Columbia College - CCContact your financial aid office
Dental - Graduate - DG7/1/2021
Dental - DN7/1/2021
Engineering - ENContact your financial aid office
Grad Engineering - EP10/15/2021
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences - GF/GGRequest a refund at the Office of Financial Aid at GSAS
General Studies/Postbac - GS/GNRequest a refund at GS Refunds
Human Nutrition – GM9/8/2021
International and Public Affairs (SIPA) - IA9/10/2021
Journalism - JN8/11/2021
Law - LW8/12/2021
Nursing – NP 9/13/2021
Occupational Therapy – OT9/8/2021
Physical Therapy – PT9/8/2021
Physicians and Surgeons – MD7/1/2021
Professional Studies - SP 10/1/2021
Psychoanalytic Center – PC 9/8/2021
Public Health – PH 9/10/2021
Social Work - SW9/3/2021

*This is the start date chosen by the schools.


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Note Regarding Federal Financial Aid (Title IV)

If a credit balance is due to an excess of federal financial aid such as Pell, SEOG, Stafford and Perkins loans, the opt-out process described above does not apply. In accordance with federal law, all excess Title IV funds will be returned to the student within 14 days. If the student wants any excess Title IV aid to remain on the student account, the student must provide written authorization to the University. Please send an email to the Student Service Center clearly stating that any excess Title IV funding should remain on the student account. This request will be granted for any current or future Title IV excess at the time of the request and will be good for the remainder of the academic year in which the request was made. The authorization to retain Title IV funding on the student account is voluntary, and a student has the right to rescind the authorization at any time and request the credit balance be refunded.

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Note Regarding Admission Deposits

A non-refundable deposit is required of new students in some schools within the University in order to reserve a place in the entering class. The amount of a paid deposit may be deducted from the amount due on the first Student Account Statement of a term if the credit is not reflected on that Statement.

Deposits are not refundable due to non-registration.  If admission is being deferred, the appropriate school’s admission office should be contacted to determine if the deposit can be credited to a later term.

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Note Regarding Refunds for Overpayment

Refunds will be issued on credit balances resulting from an overpayment of the student account. Payments resulting in a credit balance, made by any of the payment methods below, are subject to a waiting period before SFS can issue the refund.


Personal Check: 10 days
ACH Payment:7 days
Loan Checks:1 day

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Policy Statement and Further Information

For more information on refunds, please see the Policy on Student Account Credit Balances and Refunds, or contact us by email.

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