Direct Deposit

Play the video to learn how you can have student account refunds,
stipends, work-study payments, or University paychecks
deposited directly to your bank account.


Direct deposit to a U.S. checking or savings account is the University's preferred method for issuing stipends to students. This saves the time of picking up and processing a paper check, and makes the funds available much sooner.

To enroll in direct deposit, you will need your bank routing number and your savings/checking account number. This information is available on the bottom of your checks or directly from your bank. See a sample check displayed below. These numbers are not on your debit card.

image of sample check

It is the student's responsibility to update banking information. Incorrect banking information for direct deposit will result in a delay in the receipt of funds.  Students are encouraged to re-type banking information in the SSOL Direct Deposit web page in order to ensure accuracy.


Set Up Your Direct Deposit

For Refunds and Stipends: All Students (Domestic and International)

Note to International Stipend Recipients: you can also go to to enter or update your direct deposit information.


1. Log into Student Services Online (SSOL) and select "Direct Deposit Authorization" from the menu on the left side of the page.

screenshot of main menu in SSOL

(Click or tap image above to zoom.)

2. You will arrive at the "Direct Deposit" page. Use your bank account information to complete the form in the grey area, under "Direct Deposit Information."  Click the "Submit" button.

screenshot of SSOL Refund Options window

(Click or tap image above to zoom.)

For Payroll (Federal Work-Study Participants and Non-Work-Study Student Employees)

1. Go to Enter your UNI and password in the authentication page that follows.
Log in by clicking on the "People at Columbia (PAC)" icon.


Screenshot of MyColumbia Portal landing page.

(Click or tap image above to zoom.)


3. Once logged in, click on  "Payroll and Compensation”. You will arrive at the "Direct Deposit" page in PAC. Click on the plus sign found under “Accounts and then click on "Add Account”.


Screenshot of People at Columbia (PAC) Portal, Payroll & Compensation button.

(Click or tap image above to zoom.)


Screenshot of Direct Deposits menu inside of PAC Portal.

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4. Enter your bank account information and click “save”.


Screenshot of Direct Deposit bank account information menu.

(Click or tap image above to zoom.)