Women Veterans FAQs


I am not satisfied with the care I am receiving from the VA as a woman veteran. What is the process for getting quality of care issues addressed?

You may contact the Women Veterans Coordinator at your local health care facility (white pages under U.S. Government, Department of Veterans Affairs) or the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) Office of Women Veterans Health at (202) 273-8577 or the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of the Center for Women Veterans at (202) 273-6193.


Are VA services authorized for women veterans who were involuntarily discharged from the military for pregnancy prior to May 1974? If not, how does one get this issue addressed?

According to the VA, the provision of health care services to veterans is established by certain eligibility criteria and discharge status requirements. To determine your eligibility for services, contact your nearest VA health care facility.

Women veterans involuntarily discharged may also be eligible to Compensation and Pension, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment, Home Loan Guaranty, and Burial benefits. Children born to veterans who served in Vietnam may also be eligible for monthly monetary benefits, medical care, and vocational training, if they have certain birth defects linked to their mother's service. Contact the nearest VA Regional Office on the nationwide toll-free number, 1-800-827-1000 for benefit information and eligibility requirements, or visit the VA homepage at: www.va.gov.


How and where can I get historical information on women veterans?

You may contact the Women In Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA) located at the gates of Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia at www.womensmemorial.org.


Where can I get Military Sexual Trauma treatment?

You may enroll and receive counseling and treatment for any emotional or physical condition experienced as a result of sexual trauma endured while on active duty at any VA health care facility or Vet Center.  These services are provided without regard for your service-connected rating or length of military service.  Please also visit the Women's Corner of this website for more information on sexual trauma counseling.


Where are the designated Clinical Programs of Excellence in Women's Health?

  • Women Veterans Health Care Program, Alexandria VAMC
  • Women Veterans Comprehensive Health, Durham VAMC
  • Women Veterans Health Program, Boston VAMC, VA New England HCS
  • Women Veterans Health Program, Bay Pines VAMS
  • Women Veterans Health Program, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Women Veterans Health Program, South Texas Veterans Health Care System


Where are the special PTSD treatment centers for women?

Women Veteran Stress Disorder Treatment Programs are available at VA centers in Boston, MA, Brecksville, OH, Loma Linda, CA, and New Orleans, LA.


What health services are available to women veterans?

At Columbia, all students are welcome to avail themselves of the Health Services resources, including Primary Care Medical Services, the Alice! Health Promotion Program, Counseling & Psychological Services, and the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program, Counseling & Psychological Services, and the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program. You can learn more about all these services on the Health Services website. Health Services at Columbia also offers special services for women, such as gynecological exams, birth control, pregnancy options counseling, sexual assault counseling, STI testing and treatment, and the HPV vaccine.

The VA also offers a full continuum of comprehensive medical services including health promotion and disease prevention, primary care, women's gender-specific health care; e.g., hormone replacement therapy, breast and gynecological care, maternity and limited infertility (excluding In-vitro fertilization), acute medical/surgical, telephone triage, emergency and substance abuse treatment, mental health, domiciliary, rehabilitation and long term care.


Where can I get inpatient psychiatric care as a woman veteran?

Most VA Medical Centers have inpatient mental health programs. Contact your VA Primary Care Provider or the local Mental Health Program Office for assistance. If you already have a therapist and need inpatient care, please discuss your concerns with your therapist.

If you have urgent or emergency needs, you can contact your local VA health care facility telephone care program or urgent care clinic. You can also visit Health Services at Columbia for urgent psychological care.