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Resources to Help You Plan for 2015-16

Dear Students and Families,

Whether you are a new student just starting your academic career at Columbia University, or a continuing student, we understand how important it is to plan your finances ahead of time. Our goal at Student Financial Services is to partner with our schools to support the removal of financial barriers that might stand in your way, so you can be free to pursue your academic endeavors.

With that in mind, we are providing some key resources to help you and your family plan your budget.

Plan Your Expenses for 2015-16

We have compiled a variety of information to help you plan, including the 2015–16 tuition rates and associated fees for all schools and programs. Additionally, many Columbia schools offer further details on tuition and fees on their websites; see our listing to see if your school offers this resource.

Keep in mind that the Columbia Health Fee and Student Health Insurance are billed to the student account, and these amounts for 2015-16 will be available soon.

Also note that if you have applied for financial aid, your school has a financial aid office to support you:

Take Advantage of the Payment Plan, and More

To help you manage your financial needs, we offer a variety of ways to pay your Columbia bill, including a flexible, low-fee monthly payment plan, integrated with your E-Bill via Student Services Online (SSOL). Our payment plan allows you to make adjustments throughout each semester, as you change your registration, update meal options, and make other transactions. You can sign up as early as July 1, to spread your payments over as many months as possible.

Lastly, please review More Planning Resources below for additional information. We are here to help; if you have further questions about your student account, please call the Student Service Center at 212-854-4400.

We wish you success in the upcoming year, and in all your future endeavors.



Jane Hojan-Clark, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President


More Planning Resources:

School Financial Aid Offices: