Visiting Students

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Visiting Students
2016 - 2017

A. Tuition Rates


1.    Columbia College students shall be charged the Teachers College per point rate of $1,512.00 in addition to the regular rate for any course at Teachers College designated by Columbia College as music instruction.

2.    Students who are admitted to the Barnard College-Columbia College-Juilliard College Exchange Program shall be charged tuition of $5,880.00 per year ($2,940.00 per term). This cross-registration program allows fully enrolled Barnard or Columbia College students to take private lessons at Juilliard with a faculty member.
3.    Columbia College students who are Exchange Scholars shall be registered in SIS under a special billing program code (CCNDGS) which carries the health service fee, medical insurance fee, student life aggregate fee and ISSO fee (if international) and carries no tuition, orientation fee and document fee charges.


B. Application Fees


Undergraduate Programs, Degree/Certificate: $85.00

Undergraduate Programs, Special Students: $85.00


C. Health Service Fees


See Health Service Fees - Morningside Campus


D. Privileges


See Late Registration Fee


E. Student Activity Fee


Columbia College - N/A


F. Rebates


See Rebates


G. Special Fees


See General Special Fees Applicable to All Schools

See Facilities Fee - Morningside Campus

Specific to Columbia College:

  1. All newly matriculated, undergraduate students in Columbia College or Columbia Engineering shall be charged a one-time, non-refundable Orientation Fee of $420.00 in the first term of registration.