University Facilities Fee

$211-431 per term
Year Period: 
Summer 2016
Other Fees: 
Facilities Fee - Morningside Campus
Applicable Students & Schools: 
All students registered on the Morningside Campus

8. All students registered on the Morningside Campus shall be charged a University Facilities Fee. This fee combines the Recreational Facilities Fee ($220.00 per term) and the Information Technology Fee ($211.00 per term for students registered for 12 or more points only). Students who are subject to the Student Life Fee, graduate students registered for Matriculation and Facilities, students registered in the American Language Program, students registered in the Summer Program for High School Students, and students registered in a course of study away from the University shall be exempt from this charge. This fee shall be charged as follows:

i. Students registered for 12 or more points: $431.00 per term

ii. Students registered for fewer than 12 points: $220.00 per term

iii. Students registered in the Executive M.B.A. program: $211.00 per term