Work-Study Basics: Timesheets

Online Timesheets: The Primary Payroll Document

FWS online timesheets are the primary payroll document.  Both the student and supervisor are urged to ensure proper completion before submiting timesheets for approval. Each student has to complete a timesheet that must be approved by the supervisor for each pay period worked.


Completing a FWS Timesheet

  • Timesheets can only be used for the specified two-week pay period. 
  • Both students and supervisors must make sure that all hours worked within a pay period are submitted at the end of that pay period. Once the timesheet has been “Finalized”/paid, the Office of Work-Study will not be able to go back and add hours to the timesheet.
  • Timesheets without the supervisor’s approval cannot be processed.  Supervisors will be notified of any outstanding timesheets awaiting approval.
  • Remember that the timesheet must reflect at least a half-hour break after six consecutive hours worked.