Scholarships, Grants, and Work-Study

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Scholarships, Grants and Work-Study

Scholarships, grants and fellowships are called gift aid because they do not have to be paid back. They may come from governments, colleges and private organizations. 


Scholarships may be awarded for academic or athletic ability, interest in a certain subject, or volunteer work. Some scholarships may be given based on membership in an ethnic or religious group. Companies may also award scholarships to you or your child. 


Most grants are need-based, which means they are usually given based on you or your family’s financial circumstances.


The Federal Work-Study program is a form of financial assistance provided to students through part-time employment. This aid can vary in amounts and availability by school and be awarded based on need.


Start With Your School

Start your search for scholarships, fellowships and grants by contacting your school's financial aid office. Among other options available to you, you may be eligible for the following: