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Year Period: 
Summer 2016
Other Fees: 
Applicable Students & Schools: 
All Schools

1. Late fees, application fees, withdrawal fees, tuition deposits, special fees, computer fees, special examination fees, and document fees shall not be subject to rebate.

2. The Health Service fees, insurance premiums, and billable point-based University facilities fees and student activity fees are not subject to rebate after the change of program period.

3. When a student is charged for the Comprehensive Fee, the University shall retain one-half of the term charge if the withdrawal takes place during the change of program period. After the change of program period, there shall be no rebate.

4. After the last day of the period provided for change of program as announced in the Academic Calendar, no tuition shall be returned for any course in which a student may for any reason discontinue attendance.

5. In cases of TOTAL withdrawal from the University for the Summer Sessions, exception to this rule may be made in accordance with the following schedule:

a. All students shall be charged a withdrawal fee of $75.00;

b. In addition, the tuition shall be refunded using the academic year rebate schedule on a pro-rated basis depending upon the length of the program;

c. The date upon which written notice is received from the student by his or her school's dean determines the percentage of the rebate.