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About Outside Awards

Students may be eligible for a specific scholarship or grant from an outside agency. Some sources to explore are employers, unions, professional organizations, and special interest groups.


Sample Listing for Columbia Students

Below is a sample of outside awards for which Columbia students may be eligible. For additional information about outside awards, please contact your School's financial aid office.

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Search Sites

You may also wish to visit these sites to assist you with your search of outside scholarships:

Receiving An Outside Award? Notify Your Financial Aid Office.

If you receive funds from any outside sources, you must notify your school financial aid office. Why? So that your total financial aid (including the outside scholarship) does not exceed your school's cost of attendance.

Your school financial aid office will apply the amount of your outside award in this order:

  1. against your unmet financial need
  2. toward any self-help awards you may have (by reducing private loans or work-study, for example)
  3. reducing federal aid (affecting federal loans first)

If you are receiving an award from a source outside of Columbia, that amount may not appear on your first Student Account Statement for the term. However, you may deduct it from the amount due on your statement by sending your award check to the Payments and Deposits Office at the appropriate campus:

Please note that we cannot process award checks or money order by mail. Students who mail their award checks or money orders may risk liability for tuition and fees, reduction in financial aid, and/or holds placed on course registration and other records.  
In general, the funds from your award check will be credited automatically to your student account; otherwise, we will contact you to endorse the check.

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