Military Service Actions and Deferments

Military Service Deferment

You can postpone federal student loan repayment during certain periods of active duty (e.g., during war, other military operation, or national emergency) and immediately following active duty.  

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Calls for Active Duty During the Academic Year

You will receive a military leave of absence for the period of active duty as well as one year thereafter. Students in need of a military leave of absence should consult their advisors in the Dean of Students Office.

Columbia has a number of arrangements for students who are called to duty during the academic term.  Please contact your school's Dean of Students office.


Returning to Columbia after Active Duty

You should contact your Dean of Students office to inform them of your intention to return.  They will assist you in completing all the necessary steps.  

You can postpone repayment while you prepare to return to school following your active duty.