General Special Fees

Year Period: 
Summer 2016
Other Fees: 
General Fees
Applicable Students & Schools: 
All Schools

Document Fee

1. All students registered in the University shall be charged a one-time $105.00 Document Fee that entitles students to e-transcripts, enrollment and degree certifications, and the mailing of the original diploma. The fee is assessed once during the student’s tenure, normally at the point of first matriculation, with students who previously attended Columbia not being billed. The fee is not charged to students registered in the American Language Program, in the School of Professional Studies Program for High School Students, in the Postdoctoral Externship Program in Dental Medicine, and students from the University of Michigan registered in the Kyoto Program (KCJS) in the Office of Global Programs.


Foreign Check Fee

2. All students shall be charged a foreign check fee of $50.00 to cover additional processing costs on all payments made to the University in the form of a check, draft or money order in foreign currency or drawn on a foreign bank.


Returned Check Fee

3. All students shall be charged a $20.00 returned check fee for any check that is not honored by the bank.


Late Payment Charge

4. All students shall be subject to a one-time late payment charge of $150.00 if the total amount due for the term is not paid on or before the due date, or if increased charges resulting from subsequent changes to a student’s program are not paid at the time of the change. In addition, a charge of 1.5 percent per billing cycle will be imposed on anyamount past due.


Collection Fee

5. Students with a past due student account balance may be charged a collection fee if the account is referred to in-house staff to collect any amount past due, or an additional amount, equal to the cost of collection, if an external collection agency or attorney is used.


International Students and Scholars Office

6. International Students and Scholars Office:

a. Trainee Administrative Fee: The International Students and Scholars Office will collect a Trainee Administrative Services Charge of $140.00, $210.00 or $230.00. The fee shall be charged to post graduate interns who continueunder Columbia University Student visa supervision for one to three years after completion of their studies and last registration.


b. International Services Charge (ISC): All students holding a non-resident visa will be charged an International Services Charge of $70.00 each term. This fee supports the University’s services to international students. This fee is not charged to students in the American Language Program or to students registered through the Office of Global Programs.

c. Administrative Processing Fee: The International Students and Scholars Office will collect an Administrative Processing Fee of $100.00. The fee will be charged to newly-admitted students requesting Columbia University visa supervision for their studies at the University. The fee will not be charged to students or postgraduate interns currently under Columbia University visa supervision who are admitted to a new program of study at the University provided they are under such visa supervision when the new program is to begin. This fee will not be refunded to newly-admitted students who request Columbia University visa supervision but who do not enroll at Columbia University or who enroll under the visa supervision of an external organization.