Free-standing Masters Programs: Economics

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Free-standing Masters Programs: Economics
2016 - 2017

A. Tuition Rates


1.    For the purpose of exchange of fees with affiliated schools and special students from other approved schools, tuition shall be charged at the rate of $1,726.00 per point.  

2.    Students registered for a full Residence Unit will be charged the Residence Unit rate in addition to the per point rate for each point or fraction of a point above 20 points EXCEPT for students in International and World History. These students are exempt from the overload point charge.

3.    By permission of Dean’s office only.

4.    Students entering the former Liberal Studies MA programs (LSMA, billing codes GGXXXX), beginning in Fall 2016, shall be charged under the Residence Unit system.  Students who began their programs prior to Fall 2016 will continue to be charged by the per point rate of $1,574.00.  Students beginning one of these programs by registering for the first time in the Summer 2016 session will be considered entering students for this purpose.

5.    Beginning in Fall 2016, students in the Statistics Hybrid program will follow the same registration rules as students in the on-campus Statistics program.  Consequently, the ¾ Residence Unit rate is discontinued and the remaining fractional Residence Units are increasing to the on-campus Statistics rate

6.    This program was formerly known as the MA in French Cultural Studies.  This program has been closed with no students admitted.

7.    The postgraduate tuition rate of $1,500.00 covers the cost of biomedical courses for postdoctoral trainees.


See Comprehensive Fee - Graduate Schools on the Morningside Campus


B. Application Fees


All Programs – Online Application: $105.00


C. Health Service Fees


See Health Service Fees - Morningside Campus


D. Privileges


See Late Registration Fee


E. Student Activity Fee


1.    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

a.    All GSAS students registered for a Full Residence Unit, a Half Residence Unit, a Quarter Residence Unit, or Extended Residence shall be charged, per term, a Student Activity Fee of $30.00.

b.    All GSAS students who are in programs that charge by the point shall also be charged, per term, a Student Activity Fee of $30.00.


F. Rebates


See Rebates


G. Special Fees


See General Special Fees Applicable to All Schools

See Facilities Fee - Morningside Campus