Doctoral Students

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Doctoral Students
Summer 2016

A. Tuition Rates


1. Students registered for the Intensive Laboratory in Biotechnology and Supervised Research in Biotechnology at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences shall be charged no tuition but shall be required to pay a $1,000.00 lab fee for the course. Students who take courses in addition to or in place of these courses must register for the appropriate Residence Unit.

2. The fractional Residence Unit rates apply only to students in the Masters Only Program enrolled in the Summer Term 2016.

3. The MA Program in Japanese Pedagogy shall designate advanced standing students to the Registrar.

4. Matriculation and Fees is only a doctoral registration category.

5. This program was formerly known as the MA in French Cultural Studies. This program has been closed with no students admitted for the 2015-16. This tuition rate is just for contingency purposes and there should be no continuing students.


See Comprehensive Fee - Graduate Schools on the Morningside Campus


B. Application Fees


Japanese Pedagogy

Degree/Certificate: $105

Special Students: $105


C. Health Service Fees


See Health Service Fees - Morningside Campus


D. Privileges


See Late Registration Fee


E. Student Activity Fee


Not applicable


F. Rebates


See Rebates


G. Special Fees


See General Special Fees