AmeriCorps Education Awards

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Guide to Requesting Your Award  |  Processing Time

AmeriCorps Education Awards

The Corporation for National and Community Service provides grants to national and local nonprofits, schools, government agencies, faith-based and community organizations and other groups committed to strengthening their communities through volunteering. 

Students are able to use these grants in the form of AmeriCorps Education Awards toward their semester’s charges. To help you apply for your AmeriCorps funding, we have prepared a step-by-step below.


Guide to Requesting Your AmeriCorps Award



Go to the AmeriCorps My Education Award Base Page.


Click on “My Education Award” on the menu on the left side


Click on "Create Education Award Payment Request" on the menu on the left side; it brings you to this screen:


Image of Create Education Award Payment Request



Enter your personal information.


Click on "Search for Institutions" next to "Institution Information" in the middle of the page. The screen below will open.


Image of AmeriCorps Search Institutions Page



Type in "Columbia" next to "Name" for the search as shown above. The following search results will appear:


Image of AmeriCorps Institution Search Results



If you are an undergraduate in Columbia College or the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), please choose "Columbia University (Office of Financial Aid)". For all other schools, including Columbia University Medica Center, please choose "Columbia University - Morningside Campus (Student Service Center)".


You can also download this guide as a PDF.


Processing Time

For faster processing, redeem your award online.

We will begin processing AmeriCorps Awards after the Change of Program period every semester. Awards greater than $1,500.00 will be made in two parts:

  • The first half of the payment will be paid at the beginning of the semester.
  • The second half of the payment will be paid during the midpoint of the semester. 

Please note that your AmeriCorps Education Award is considered part of your financial aid package and accordingly must be reported to the financial aid office for your school.


Email Us for more information.