For Administrators

Policy and Procedure for Student Payments

Stipends are one of several types of payments to students. To help schools and departments identify payment types and process transactions appropriately, administrators must ensure they are familiar with the policy and procedures related to payments to students.


Summer Stipends

Certain schools that award stipend funds during a term of non-enrollment, such as the summer terms, should also refer to and use the Summer Stipend Form. (Required excel spreadsheet).


To cancel a summer stipend, use the Summer Stipend Cancellation Form.


For additional information about completing the form, watch the Summer Stipend Video Tutorial.


Receiving Stipends After Previous Stipend Cancellation 

International students whose stipend get cancelled after receiving the funds (direct deposit in bank account or check cashed) need to pay back the net (after tax) amount received to the University Payroll Office following the overpayment recovery instruction sent out by the Payroll Office. No additional stipend can be issued until the overpayment recovery process for the previous stipend cancellation is completed.