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Cost of Attendance and Your Aid Eligibility

Each school within the University calculates the cost of attendance to represent a student's maximum financial aid eligibility.


Cost of attendance (also known as "COA" for short, or "budget") = tuition + fees + living expenses


Below are more specifics and links to information for identifying your cost of attendance.

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Tuition Rates and Fees

For each school, the Tuition Rates and Fees pages lay out the tuition, fees, and other charges. Nearly all students will also need to pay other charges associated with their coursework and life at Columbia, such as meal plans, health insurance, technology fees, etc. These fees and other charges will be billed to your Student Account Statement, so consider them in your calculations.

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Books and Supplies

Book and supply costs vary greatly by program and between full-time and part-time enrollment. Please contact your school's financial aid office for more detailed information.

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Room and Board

Rent in New York can be expensive. Contact your school's financial aid office for an estimate.

For costs related to University housing, visit these sites:

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Personal Expenses

Personal expenses related to your education can include costs related to commuting, clothing, food, and utilities.

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Cost of Attendance For Each School

Many Columbia schools provide resources here for finding tuition, fees, and other costs of attendance. Check the alphabetized list below to see if your school or program is included.


Undergraduate Schools


Graduate Schools


Medical Center Schools


Professional Studies, School of


Master of Science Degree Programs




Certification of Professional Achievement


Certification of Professional Achievement - MS Program Related


Certification of Professional Achievement - Summer Only


Postbaccalaureate Studies




Summer Session


Non-Degree Special



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